Problem Solving 101




Participant Profile:  All employees engaged in problem solving, individually or in teams

Duration: 1 – 4 hours

Course Size: 10 – 15 participants

Course Description:  There are several approaches to problem solving, ranging from basic to complex.  This course offers a standardized approach to basic problem solving by clearly defining the four problem types and detailing approaches to solving for type one and type two problems.  Each of the 4Cs (Concern, Containment, Countermeasure, and Check) are covered in detail using case studies, group work and practical examples. 

Learning Objectives:  Upon satisfactory completion, participants will:

    • Recognize the four basic problem types and have a clear understanding of the approach to type one and type two problems
    • Be able to follow the 4Cs of basic problem-solving steps
    • Understand and be able to implement countermeasures to address root cause(s)

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