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About Us

Meliora is a continuous improvement firm focused on people-centered change management.  Leveraging time-tested methodologies, our team takes a modern approach to process development and improvement, data-driven decision making, and advanced problem solving. The results are transformational for our clients, their employees, and their culture.

Headquartered in Buffalo, NY with offices in Philadelphia, PA, St. Louis, MO, Rochester, NY and Fort Myers, FL, we deploy our services in the areas of strategy, execution, and training to improve business processes and outcomes.  These services are offered independently, as well as wrapped together in our Continuous Improvement System (CIS) where we help clients embed a culture of continuous improvement within their organizations.



Our Story

​Meliora (MEH-lee-OR-ah): from the Latin adjective “better,”
used as a noun to mean “ever better.”

Meliora was built on the premise of continuous improvement, or striving to be “ever better.” While leading internal improvement efforts in large, multi-national organizations, our founding partners developed an improvement model based on the principles of Lean and Six Sigma.  After delivering significant returns in a shorter-than-expected timeframe, Meliora was created as a stand-alone continuous improvement company in order to bring those transformational results to businesses across the US and beyond.

Growing demand has led us to continue to add to our team, which now includes twelve Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts and a network of trusted partners.  Our breadth of experience and deep expertise allows clients of any size to begin realizing value from the very first project.

Our Approach

Unlike the traditional consulting models, Meliora’s unique approach engages your internal experts to generate solutions that solve for root cause.  Our team of experts will coach, facilitate, guide, and provide the tools necessary for your team to create efficient and effective processes that can grow and evolve with your business.

To drive sustainable, impactful change, three key questions must be answered by three distinct teams:

  • Why is this important?  Why should we dedicate time and resources to solve this problem or drive this change?  This is decided by an organization’s leadership.

  • What can we do to solve this problem?  What are we experiencing on a day to day basis that is creating bottlenecks, constraints, and waste?  This is answered by an organization’s employees.

  • How do we drive to the right solution?  How do we select the right tools and methods to improve? How do we solve this challenge in an efficient manner?  This is where Meliora comes in.

Meliora’s approach yields both financial and cultural benefits to the organization.  It results in lasting solutions that increase capacity, enhance margin, and remove organizational risk.



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