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Strategy Deployment


Time is a limited resource.  To make the most of any improvement, it is crucial to prioritize properly, act efficiently, and reduce waste and re-work.  That’s where Meliora’s strategy deployment comes in.

Strategy deployment is a collaborative process that harnesses the creativity and brainpower of your internal team to develop a structured improvement plan to efficiently execute the strategy.  Meliora’s team of experts will facilitate this multi-step process to create a roadmap for success.

Our team designs customized strategic planning modules focused on your key performance indicators, value creators, and cost drivers. Leveraging best practices from Six Sigma, Lean Management, the Toyota Production System, and many other time-tested tools, we help you focus your improvement efforts on what really matters to your business.

From there, Meliora will take your key business objectives and turn them into prioritized, actionable projects with leadership, timing, and metrics defined for each.  Strategy deployment ends with the roll out of a resourcing plan to complete projects in an efficient and timely manner.


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