Meeting Effectiveness



Participant Profile: Employees that manage, lead, attend internal or external meetings

Duration: 1-4 hours

Course Size: 10 – 15 participants

Course Description: American companies hold an estimated 11 million meetings every day.  Research shows that fewer meetings can boost employee and organizational productivity. According to a Harvard Busienss Review study that examined the Outlook calendars of multiple workers at a large company, consecutive weekly meetings can consume as many as 300,000 hours per year of employees’ time.  In this interactive session, students will learn how to effectively plan, run, and execute on deliverables using a structured, consistent format.  Course topics include communication, planning, budget and resources, timeline tools, action items and follow up.

Learning Objectives:  Upon satisfactory completion, participants will:

    • Have a structured, consistent approach to meetings
    • Understand the importance of communication and effective feedback before, during, and after a meeting
    • Improve meeting effectiveness (do the right things) and efficiency (do things right)

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