Lean 6S Systems





Participant Profile: A team of emploeyes from the same work environment involved with taking the first steps of Lean process improvement to better organize their workplace

Duration: 1 day

Course Size: 2 – 4 teams (10-20 participants)

Course Description: 6S training will help the employee with implementing one of the most important Lean manufacturing tools; 5S.  5S is a methodical way to organize your workplace to turn it into a safer, ergonomic, more efficient environment through organizing your layout and introducing visual management and standard ways of working. 5S is a team approach and requires the participation of everyone within the area in which it is applied to be effective.  5S works by helping the team to minimize the 8 Wastes and increase value-added process time.

Learning Objectives:  Upon satisfactory completion, participants will:

    • Understand the principles and tools to execute a 5S Kaizen in their work area or targeted area under their direct control
    • Enable the completion of a simple but key part of Lean process improvement

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