DMAIC: A Systematic Approach to Change





Participant Profile: All employees that wish to learn more about the DMAIC process, icluding employees who work in areas where this systematic approach could be used to improve work processes.

Duration: 1-8 hours

Course Size: 8-12 participants

Course Description: The DMAIC process is data-driven and customer-focused, employing a variety of visual and analytical tools to collaboratively engage employees in problem-solving.  This course serves as an introduction to the DMAIC process, a systematic approach to driving sustainable change. Students will learn and test key tools like process mapping and brainstorming facilitation.  Course topics include recognizing the need for change, the importance of a standardized improvement method, and when to use a team.

Learning Objectives:  Upon satisfactory completion, participants will:

    • Identify the steps and outputs for each phase of the DMAIC process
    • Understand the importance of using a standardized method for problem solving
    • Have an awareness of tools and concepts that are useful in each phase of DMAIC

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