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Participant Profile 

For any employee who is part of a team that generates solutions ideas.

Course Size:  8-12 participants


Location:  Meliora's Training Facility or On-Site at Client's Location

Course Description 

Given a problem with a verified root cause, students will learn various collaborative techniques to generate and prioritize creative solutions.  For a solution to be successful, it must be evaluated from a technical perspective and a people perspective.  The technical side of solution evaluation includes cost, potential benefits, ease of implementation, potential side effects, and verification that the solution addresses a root cause.  The people side of change is a critical aspect of solution implementation, which is often overlooked. Course topics include brainstorming, necessity feasibility grids, prioritization matrices, stakeholder analysis and communication plans, and RACI (responsible, accountable, consulted, informed) matrices.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon satisfactory completion of the course, participants will:

  • Develop solutions that address root causes.

  • Establish criteria to evaluate solution alternatives and identify the best ones.

  • Understand the importance of involving stakeholders in solution implementation and monitoring.

Project Coaching: Service
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