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A Lean Six Sigma Belt Program:  4 Day Course

As the initial pillar of Six Sigma training, Green Belt offers students an introduction to the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) process, a systematic approach to drive sustainable change.  Featured topics include charter formation, process mapping, root cause analysis, solution selection techniques, and statistical analysis.  Students learn and apply key facilitation and improvement tools through interactive team-based exercises and traditional classroom sessions.  Taught by our Master Black Belts, the course features curriculum and exercises that are specifically tailored to fit student and client needs.

Learning Objectives

Upon satisfactory completion of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course, participants will

explain in general terms what “Six Sigma” refers to and why it is relevant to process improvement; identify the steps and their sequence in DMAIC along with the outputs of and tools in each step.


 Working through table projects, students will follow each project through all five phases in the DMAIC process.

  • DEFINE your project’s purpose and scope and get background on the process and the customer.

  • In MEASURE, focus your improvement efforts by gathering information on the current situation.

  • In ANALYZE, identify root causes and confirm them with data.

  • In IMPROVE, develop, try out, and implement solutions that address root causes and use data to evaluate your solutions and the plans used to carry them out.

  • CONTROL the process and maintain the gains by standardizing work methods or processes, anticipating future improvements, and preserving the lessons from your project.


Training Materials

Meliora will provide one training manual for each student that includes detailed information on topics covered, plus an electronic version and templates for key facilitation tools.

Six Sigma Training

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