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A Lean Six Sigma Belt Program: 4 Week Course

Participant Profile 

For internal leaders with a proven history of success and excellent interpersonal skills who will lead project teams within their organizations.

Course Size:  10 – 14 participants


Location: Off-Site: Continental United States

Course Description 

Building off of the DMAIC process instilled in Green Belt, Black Belt is designed to train key leaders and change agents on mastery of various tools of focus inherent in DMAIC.  This course complements team-based facilitation tools with a deep dive into statistical analysis and modeling best practices using Minitab.  Featured topics include regression analysis, coach training, lean inventory systems, and numerous variation modeling concepts.  Students learn and apply skills for leading process improvement project teams with significant organizational impact.  Taught by our Master Black Belts, the course features curriculum and exercises that are specifically tailored to fit student and client needs.

Learning Objectives

Upon satisfactory completion of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program, participants will:

  • Lead a team through the DMAIC process and train team members on the methods, tools, and techniques throughout a process improvement project.

  • Apply facilitation techniques to effectively manage a cross-functional team, including team roles and responsibilities, meeting content and discussions, and potential conflicts. 

  • Utilize advanced statistical tools to analyze data including Normal Theory application, data transformation, control charts, hypothesis testing, and regression analysis.

  • Leverage Lean tools to increase value-added time in critical work processes and reduce waste.


Training Materials

Meliora will provide one electronic training manual per week for each student that includes detailed information on topics covered, plus exercise manuals with details for conducting Minitab analysis and templates for key facilitation tools.

Project Coaching: Service
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