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Change Management: Executing Change within Organizations

A Complimentary Breakfast Panel Discussion| Friday, May 10, 2019 | Giancarlo’s Restaurant | 8:00 – 9:45 a.m.

An interactive panel discussion for business owners and executives.


Many of the world’s most successful businesses are those that can quickly and effectively adapt to the rapidly changing business environment. Implementing meaningful and proactive change within an organization can feel like an uphill battle, making these changes stick can prove to be even more challenging. Businesses that resist change can quickly find themselves left behind as new competition, new trends, and new technology emerge in all industries. Please join our panel of Lean Six Sigma experts as we explore best practices in change management.

Topics to include:

  • Data-driven decision making

  • Developing a culture of continuous improvement

  • Utilizing the DMAIC methodology to execute sustainable change

  • Gaining buy-in throughout all levels of the company

  • Generational differences in organizational change

Gain insight from our instructors:

Michael Bauer, Master Black Belt, Managing Partner, Meliora Consulting

Shari Kiesow, Master Black Belt, Partner, Meliora Consulting

Ralph Jeswald, CPA, Dopkins & Company, LLP

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If you have specific questions for our panel to address, or would like additional information, contact: Rachael Brown, 716-932-6859

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