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Improve Efficiently and Effectively


Developing, executing, and sustaining process improvement initiatives requires a systematic and disciplined approach. At Meliora, our team of Six Sigma Master Black Belts guide you through the DMAIC process, employing a variety of visual and analytical tools to collaboratively engage your employees in team-based problem solving:

Define: defining the problem, establishing scope, understanding customer needs, and identifying key stakeholders to set the foundation for a successful project

Measure: mapping the current process, collecting and consolidating data, plotting the data over time and distribution to focus the improvement effort

Analyze: analyzing the current process for error points and waste loops, identifying root causes, using statistical methods to quantify and verify root causes

Improve: developing, piloting, and implementing solutions that address root causes; creating implementation plans and quantifying results

Control: institutionalizing the new process through procedures, training, and monitoring plans; ensuring gains are maintained and learnings preserved

Project Coaching: Service
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