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A Lean Six Sigma Belt Program:  Varied Duration

Participant Profile 

For members of an organization’s Continuous Improvement Department who will be responsible for building and enhancing the company’s continuous improvement capabilities, including Lean Six Sigma and DMAIC.

Course Size:  1-3 participants


Location: On-Site

Course Description 

Master Black Belt is the highest level of certification in the continuous improvement framework. Master Black Belts will receive extensive training in lean process improvement and best practices through one-on-one coaching and project-based experiential learning. We draw on a wide range of tools, proven successful over decades and across industries, to develop your employees in the wide-breadth of lean process improvement tools.  Master Black Belts will learn skills to mentor and support other belts (Green or Black Belts) in both project-based and training activities.

Learning Objectives

Upon satisfactory completion of the Six Sigma Master Black Belt program, participants will be able to:

  • Develop key business leaders through training and mentoring team leaders with the goal of driving the Continuous Improvement culture deep into an organization.

  • Provide team leaders with hands-on leadership, coaching, and business perspectives to ensure performance and development objectives are met while maximizing the effectiveness of company resources.

  • Work cohesively with the entire Continuous Improvement Department to deploy the Lean Six Sigma training program across the company, fostering the development of change agents across the company.

  • Ensure business areas and corporate functions have the technical tools and capabilities required to achieve results.

  • Encourage cross-functional information sharing, resource leveraging, and collaboration.


Training Materials

Meliora will provide a project coaching toolbox, training library, and direct access to its Master Black Belt portal.

Project Coaching: Service
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